GlOb@L fOruM Se@rcher of Science


I’am A which always wish to learn and will not desist to learn before finding what studied that until can master.I are out for always more go forward. I am a laboring private sector employees area of IT(Information technology).I more like with operating system of Linux besides free of charge, also more challenging in its accumulator.

Full name : Chairul Qadar

Nickname : chairul,qadar,Ua_jaw’s,yung’s

Date/place of birth : Bandung, June 21 1988

Address : Bandung

Occupation : IT Staff (Analys – NetWorking Administrator )

Interest : ALL About Networking, music, football

Contact :

  • Yahoo IM :
  • Skype : chairul_88

E-mails :


Link’s :

  •   (faCe BoOk)
  •             (FrieNdSter)
  •   (bloG’s)

4 Responses to “About”

  1. gungz said

    mangstabs uy blogna…
    keren lah…


  2. opiq said

    lanjutkan truz kk bloging na..heuheu

  3. purbo said

    mas disk quota yang bat slax, kasih tau dunk…………………………………
    mas ma blog’ganteng dehc………

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